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Meadowbrook Community Mtg- March 10, 2015

Greetings Meadowbrook Community Council members!

Meadowbrook Community Council

Meadowbrook Community Council

Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 10, 7-9pm, in the usual location. We have a number of issues and happenings to deal with. Firstly, as discussed at our January meeting, we will have elections to either re-elect the current board or elect any member who wishes to run for one of the board positions. We will have our once-per-year treasurer’s report and consider the possibility of raising our annual dues from the current $10/yr to $15 or 20/yr.

On the agenda will be reports on several issues and projects affecting our Meadowbrook neighborhood. These will be: Continue reading

Important Call to Action NE 130th Street-End Beach

Dear Neighbors,

Below is a link to a story which just aired on KIRO TV about the NE 130th Street-End Beach. Now is a critical time in our fight to reclaim this beach, which is our only public access to Lake Washington north of Matthews Beach to the city limits.

Link to KIRO News story:

The City Council members are currently exploring options and need to know that the public would support using eminent domain to reclaim the beach that was recently taken by two neighbors by exploiting a technical procedural error made 82 years ago. Convincing council members Gooden (Parks Committee) and Rasmussen (Transportation Committee) is probably the most critical. Council member Licata already appears to support such action.





Attached is a Word document with text defending eminent domain in this case you can use, and edit to your liking if you wish, to send to the council members, as well as an information flyer for your reference. Email addresses for all of the Seattle City Council members are below. Please distribute this information to anyone who cares about maintaining public access to the waterfront.

City Council Member e-mail addresses:
Jean Godden:
Tom Rasmussen:
Nick Licata:
Sally Bagshaw:
Sally Clark:
Tim Burgess:
Bruce Harrell:
Mike O’Brien:
Kshama Sawant:

Thanks for your continued support!

Thornton Creek Confluence Project Update February 25, 2015

Construction of the Thornton Creek Confluence project is nearly complete. We would like to thank you for your patience and support during construction and your ongoing interest in the project.

While the major construction work is done, you can still expect the following within the floodplain area:

• The contractor will be performing punch list items, which are minor corrections at the end of a project.
• Burlap ground cover and sandbags will remain as the plants become more established.
• On-site monitoring tubes placed in the creek during construction will be tended to by crews over the next year.
• Plant establishment will be ongoing. We ask that you and your pets stay on the designated sidewalk and out of the floodplain area for your own safety and to the benefit of the new plants. Continue reading

Save the Northgate Bridge!

North Seattle College
A pedestrian bridge has been proposed by Seattle DOT and over I-5 at the Northgate light rail station, which would connect communities that have been divided since I-5 cut through north Seattle. In addition to connecting North Seattle College more directly to the light rail station, it will also enable safe crossings of the freeway for people walking and biking across the city.

Unfortunately there is a funding shortfall for the bridge as planned and may not be built if it is not advocated for. Many groups in North Seattle are gathering at North Seattle College Cafeteria on Saturday February 21st (10am – Noon) to voice their opinion on this subject and show their support for the project.

Please join us in supporting a better connected North Seattle.

More info can be found at the urbanist article here:

Thornton Creek Pollution Report

Fecal pollution in Thornton Creek: What’s next?

Seattle Public Utilities has been studying this issue for more than two years. What have they found, what have they corrected, and what are the considerations moving forward? How can we help? Thornton Creek Alliance is sponsoring this meeting with City staff and scientists. More details coming soon. Save the date!

When: Thursday, February 26, from 7:15 to 9 p.m.

Where: Meadowbrook Community Center, 10517 35th Avenue Northeast
Meeting is free and open to the public.

MCC January 13, 2015 Meeting Minutes


Meadowbrook Community Council

Meadowbrook Community Council

At 7:00 pm the President, Dan Keefe, called the meeting to order. There were at least 15 voting members in attendance and a total of 39 persons. The President noted the bylaws stated there should be elections of officers at the beginning of the year. One option is to reelect the existing board in March. Other nominations are welcome if any members are interested in serving on the Council. MCC meetings are held on the second Tuesday of odd numbered months of the year.
Thornton Creek Confluence Project Jason Sharpley and Emily Reardon of Seattle Public Utilities provided an update of the Project. It involves a new 1 ½ acre floodplain both east and west of 35th, a new wider culvert under 35th, a new bridge & sidewalks, stream restoration, public art, etc. Almost 4,000 plants were planted during the restoration. The remaining paving to restore vehicular traffic on 35th can be completed when there is no rain and daytime temperatures are above 45 degrees. Total project cost was $7.26 million. A member asked if SPU would work with the School District to remove the invasive blackberries on the school property. He replied that is outside SPU’s jurisdiction, but Deb Heiden is the SPU person to contact to work with, to attempt to have the school district remove the blackberries. Several members complimented Mr. Sharply on the project and the audience applauded at the conclusion of his report. Jason’s email is: and he encouraged the public to contact him with questions.

Sidewalks/ Safe Routes to Schools Brian Dougherty of the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) reported two sidewalk segments on NE 110th Street were 60% complete. 39th to 40th is the last section missing a sidewalk. SDOT could not make the project work with a 6 foot sidewalk in its existing location. Instead they will shift the roadway north and on the north side they will bury the ditch in a culvert. There will be a 6 foot concrete sidewalk with a 4-6” concrete curb on the south side of the street. There will be one disabled parking space for disabled parking. Construction will start in 2016.

Two other sidewalk projects (including the section between 35th and 36th) on NE 110th Street are at 10% completion. Another project is to improve the existing asphalt sidewalk from 40th to Sand Point Way on NE 110th. Traffic calming could be included in the future sections if the community was interested in incorporating traffic calming. He offered to have a drop in session at the community center to work on ideas. The President said he would send an email to interested persons. Mr. Dougherty left the meeting and talked outside with interested homeowners to review the proposed sidewalk plans.

Neighborhood Matching Fund Christa Dumpys, the Department of Neighborhoods (DON) coordinator for NE Seattle announced there is a neighborhood matching fund workshop later this month for interested members of the public. The President spoke about the NMF and has application forms to apply for these funds. He mentioned pocket parks could be improved with these grants if neighbors were interested.

City Emergency Hub The lower parking lot at Fred Meyer contains a communication pod for use in the event of a severe earthquake or other disaster.
Meadowbrook Greenways Group Janine Blaeloch (206) 498-6695 of MGG reported the Safe Routes to School funding is being used to create Greenways. Greenways are streets that have traffic calming features. Monica Sweet of Lake City Greenways distributed flyers. 27th Avenue NE from 125th to 145th is a new Greenways which members could view to see an example of a Greenway. Persons interested in creating Greenways in their neighborhood should call Janine or email her at More information is available at
CRIME There were 25 arrests for car theft in the north precinct in the last month. The extensive mail thefts from homeowners’ mailboxes was discussed.

Community Garden/ Orchard The President noted the community garden is going well, as is the orchard. The extra produce is given to local food banks. The VP reported the community garden group was putting in a new tree and shrub nursery on the top of Nathan Hale Hill. In addition, edible trees and shrubs are being planted and they are slowly expanding the plantings east toward 35th, on the north side of NE 105th Street. Every Sunday at 5 pm there is a work party (the time will be changing) if members of the public would like to help.
There were presentations about a number of upcoming meetings on subjects of interest to residents.

The minutes of the September 9, 2014 meeting were approved. The meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm.
By: Michael Reinhardt, Secretary

35th Ave NE is open! Update from Emily Reardon

Thornton Creek Confluence Project
Construction Update – January 16

Using this week’s dry weather, the contractor was able to complete the remaining pieces of work in order to open 35th Avenue NE. As of this afternoon, 35th Avenue NE is open to through traffic. Regular traffic flows, including Metro routes 64 and 65, will resume and the sidewalks are open to pedestrians. Please visit the King County Metro Service Advisories page for more information on the bus routes:

Over the next few weeks, occasional lane closures are anticipated due to streetscape improvements as part of the project and finishing touches will be ongoing within the floodplain area adjacent to 35th Avenue NE.

We would also like to thank everyone for the questions and comments we received at the January 13 Meadowbrook Community Council meeting. For those of you who could not make it, we shared an overview of the project that is now available on our project website under ‘Related Links’.

Thank you for your continued patience as we wrap up construction.


Contact Jason Sharpley, Project Manager, at or 206-615-0030 or visit the project website at:

The Road: Almost There


Jason Sharpley, Seattle Public Utilities Project Engineer, reviews the timeline of the work at The Confluence in Meadowbrook.

Jason Sharpley, Seattle Public Utilities Project Engineer, reviews the timeline of the work at The Confluence in Meadowbrook.

On Tuesday evening, January 13, a roomful of 50+ people at the Meadowbrook Community Center listened intently as Seattle Public Utilities Project Engineer Jason Sharpley reviewed the work that was done at The Confluence from May to December of 2014. Of primary concern was the question, when will the road open again?

To finish the concrete and road-building on 35th Ave NE at NE 107th Street, workers need two more days with NO rain, and with temperatures at 45 degrees or above. One day, Wednesday January 14, is predicted to have these ideal conditions. Rain is predicted for the following days. Whenever another clear day occurs, then the road work can be finished. Therefore, the earliest date of road opening will be sometime during the week of January 19th, 2015, if conditions are favorable.

Project Engineer Jason Sharpley discussed the timeline and the work that has been successfully accomplished. Delays and setbacks occurred with summer storms which flooded the project site. In December 2014, freezing temperatures slowed the time needed for concrete to set.

At the point of NE 107th Street, the roadway of 35th Ave NE has been rebuilt into a bridge structure with the South Branch of Thornton Creek flowing underneath.

At the point of NE 107th Street, the roadway of 35th Ave NE has been rebuilt into a bridge structure with the South Branch of Thornton Creek flowing underneath.

A new bridge structure has been built for 35th Ave NE at NE 107th Street, spanning the South Branch of Thornton Creek which has been “daylighted” to flow under the road. The South Branch flows eastward into a newly created floodplain area, the site of The Confluence of the North and South Branches of Thornton Creek. The creek flows into Meadowbrook Pond, a Seattle Public Utilities project created in 1996-98 for flood control and filtration of the water. The pond is also a wonderful urban amenity with habitat for wildlife.

Meadowbrook Community Meeting Agenda Jan. 13, 2015

Happy New Year to you all,

Meadowbrook Community Council

Meadowbrook Community Council

Time: 7:00PM – 8:30PM
Place: Meadowbrook Community Center 10517 35th Avenue NE

I trust and hope you all had a good holiday season. For our first meeting in 2015 our featured presenter will be Brian Dougherty of SDOT who will present the 60% completion results of both sidewalk segments on NE 110th street. His projected schedule will also be provided.

We will also be joined by Emily Reardon and Jason Sharpley from SPU, they will give us an update on the progress of the Meadowbrook Pond and 35th Ave Confluence Project.

We have started a Meadowbrook Greenways Group which is currently a subgroup of Lake City Greenways. We will have a presentation on status of several proposed streets for Greenways treatments and take suggestions for others.

Standing reports on the garden, crime and the website will also be presented and ideas on topics for future meetings in 2015 will, as always, be welcome.

Mark your calendars– Looking forward to seeing you at the meeting.

Dan Keefe, MCC President

Thornton Creek and 35th Ave NE Project Update

Thornton Creek Confluence
Construction Update – December 30

The Thornton Creek Confluence team would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and best wishes for 2015! Below is a list of the finishing touches the contractor will be working on over the coming weeks:

• Concrete panels on the southwest half of the roadway have been poured and framing for the northern side roadway panels and sidewalk/ADA ramps continues this week.
• Coordination with affected utilities continues. Comcast has relocated, Century Link is scheduled to complete their relocation shortly, and electrical re-connections are underway.
• Landscaping and final grading for the new cul-de-sac is ongoing near 36th Ave NE, east of the north branch. Continue reading