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Meadowbrook Council Meeting Minutes 11.19.2013

MCC Meeting Synopsis (11/14/13):
From: Dan Keefe, President MCC

To preface, I thought this meeting was one of our best of the year. About 25 members attended and we used every minute available to us until they had to ask us to leave.

Deb Heiden, SPU … As requested by Friends of Meadowbrook Pond, she discussed possibility of re-establishing security patrols on a random basis at Meadowbrook Pond … as usual, the lack of budget was cited as why, presently, SPU would be not be putting in patrols. On the other hand, they will try to add Meadowbrook Pond to other already established patrols. There was also a request for 911 call issues, to give the Meadowbrook Pond a more exact address. It will be looked into.

Thornton Creek Confluence Project Report
Thornton Creek Confluence project
Presentation by Jason Sharpley, PM, SPU: Construction will most likely start in June 2014 and end late Sept/early Oct.
Major changes/impacts include:

  1. Closing of 35th st between NE 110th and 105th for project duration to allow construction of a large box culvert and bridge over South Fork. Thornton Creek. Bus rerouting and any schedule changes will be put on both SPU’s and Metro’s websites.
  2. Removal of all the poplar trees along creek from 35th NE back to the 1st pedestrian bridge across creek, in order to create a meander in this stretch of the stream to compliment the meanders they plan to create downstream of the new bridge and before the confluence with the North Fork.
  3. Downstream of the confluence, the channel will be modified slightly with the addition of more spawning gravels to enhance that which has occurred there historically.
  4. A total of 108 trees and shrubs will be removed, but will be replaced by 600 trees (mostly conifers) and 1000 shrubs (mostly natives).
  5. The existing Cul de Sac on 36th NE will be removed and a replaced by a new turn around 40-50 ft?? farther up the road. A new access path will be built just to the east of the Cul de Sac for both maintenance vehicles and pedestrians.
  6. Some artist work will be added as well by Mr John Fleming.

As usual, check out SPU’s website for other details or to ask specific questions.

46th Dist. Rep. Jessyn Farrell… We had about an hour of spirited and civil discussion about reduced Metro services (about 17%), the need for more school space to accommodate the rapidly increasing K-12 school ages children in the Meadowbrook area. She, Rep. Pollet and Sen. Frockt are exploring a way to get the legislature to designate King Cty as a self-taxing entity so the City can possibly tax itself to make up for the shortfall.

Conservative opposition is driving hard bargain over approving, holding hostage certain environmental programs and others. Regarding the ACA and Washington’s healthcare exchange, thousands of Washington residents have been signed up so far. Another website,, was suggested as another way to sign up.

MagnusonParkUpdate-HotSpots-Building 27  Nov 2013_thumb
Our Community Outreach Chair, Pam Bowe gave an update on several topics.

  • The contaminated soil removal at Magnuson Park continues and a report is available here.
  • The 110th street sidewalk project has been moving forward with Brian Dougherty of SDOT as project manager. Funding for this project comes from revenue generated by new photo traffic enforcement fines. Design to commence in early 2014.
  • Additional improvements are coming to the intersection of Lake City Way and NE 110th Street also in 2014.


December 7th, 2013 is the Meadowbrook Pond Annual Luminaria Walk.

Happy Thanksgiving Meadowbrook!

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