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Upcoming Safe Roads Awareness Week 3/25-3/28

Hi fellow NE Seattle and LCW-Area folks!
From: Per Johnson
Wedgwood Community Council

Several people and groups have been coordinating on an upcoming Safe Roads Awareness Week through NE Seattle in late March (Tues, 3/25 – Fri, 3/28) with a variety of events and activities intended to remind all of our fellow road-users of the need for safe roads for people. Some of these events may be of particular interest to you or your group. If they are, we encourage your groups to join us. You’ll notice that the week begins with a major event (Schulte Memorial Walk and Rally) and culminates with the formal announcement of a major SDOT traffic safety project for Lake City Way.

Here is a summarized agenda of events for that week.

Tuesday, March 25th, Schulte Memorial Walk and Rally
The focus of this whole day is DUI prevention and we will have several speakers at a rally.

Wednesday, March 26th, Distracted Driving Day
The Wedgwood Community Council (WCC) and volunteers will be holding signs during the morning/evening commute to remind folks that the phone call or text can wait.

Thursday, March 27th, Slowdown Day
Again, the WCC and volunteers will be holding signs at a busy intersection during morning/evening commutes.

Friday, March 28th, Share the Road
Again, the WCC and volunteers will be holding signs at a busy intersection during morning/evening commutes.SDOT will make a major traffic safety project announcement.

I wanted to share the news with you all for a couple important reasons:
Would your groups like to partner with us and engage volunteers to remind road-users of these important Safe Roads issues by holding signs at important and busy intersections in your neighborhood? Soliciting help from PTAs and schools is particularly of interest as our kids are learning to drive and respect other road users by watching their parents.

Safe roads in Seattle is obviously an issue that extends beyond NE Seattle and LCW, but we hope that this week can bring greater momentum and a broader focus to these issues as well.

We are doing more formal PR and getting the word out more broadly in the near future to the media as some of the events and speakers will be of particular interest. So, at this point, it would be great if you could solicit interest from your respective communities and let me know if you plan on joining us for any of the days.

Thanks all!

Per Johnson

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