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Upcoming Meadowbrook Community Meeting 5/13

Dear Meadowbrook Community Residents, and Council Members

Meadowbrook Community Council

Meadowbrook Community Council

I decided to change our regular meeting time to start at 6:30pm instead of 7pm in order to facilitate attendance at the Thornton Creek Confluence Construction Drop-in Session which is being held by Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) from 5:30 to 7:00pm at the Center (many of you likely received a post card announcement from SPU several days ago). I intend to have a brief, informal start to the meeting and then “turn you loose” to engage the SPU representatives to learn more about the project and how it might affect you.

At 7pm, after SPU finishes the drop-in session, we will reconvene in our usual room and continue our meeting and hopefully adjourn around 8pm.

Also scheduled are:

Brian Dougherty, SDOT – He will bring us up to date on our much anticipated sidewalk projects on NE 110th and 35/36th and 39/40th streets.

Elizabeth Scott, North Precinct PR rep. – She is newly appointed and wants to meeting as many of us as possible, bring us up to date on crime trends in our area, and hear our concerns.

If time allows and if there is sufficient interest, a discussion regarding the pros and cons of the Mayor and City Council’s proposed establishment of a permanent Metro Parks District to fund parks (rather than individual levies).

Hope to see you there.

Dan Keefe, President
Meadowbrook Community Council

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