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Meadowbrook Community Council Meeting Minutes 5.13.2014

As a result of the May 13th Meadowbrook Community Council Meeting, we have reorganized the website slightly in order to provide quicker access to important information. Simply click on the links in the orange navbar above.

Public Safety

First, we would like to welcome Elizabeth Scott, the North Precinct’s new Crime Prevention Specialist.

Her bio, as well as helpful crime prevention tips are located in the Public Safety Section of the site.

Projects & Plans

Secondly, we have created a new section devoted to the various Projects & Plans that will be taking place in the Meadowbrook/Greater Lake City neighborhood.

This includes the upcoming 35th Ave NE Closure as well as the 100th Sidewalk Construction Plan.

City/Country/State Resources

Lastly, this new section has links to the various governmental websites as well as the City of Seattle’s Infrastructure Problem Reporting smartphone app.

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