Meadowbrook Community Council

Supporting community spirit and creating a connected environment in NE Seattle's Meadowbrook community and surrounding neighborhoods.


At 7:00 pm the President, Dan Keefe, called the meeting to order. There were 10 voting members in attendance.

Meadowbrook Community Council

Meadowbrook Community Council

Election of Officers The President noted the bylaws stated there should be elections of officers at the beginning of the year. He said the present officers consisting of President: Dan Keefe, Vice President: Richard Anderson, Treasurer: Charlene Murray, and Secretary: Michael Reinhardt, were willing to continue to serve. After asking for nominations from the floor and receiving none, the existing board was unanimously reelected.

DUES Treasurer Charlene Murray spoke about raising the Council’s dues. She reported the MCC had just under $1,200 in its bank account at the beginning of the year and currently has about $1,400. One member suggested getting block watch email lists to expand MCC’s outreach. Pam Bowe suggested a targeted mailing to new homebuyers in the area. Another idea was distributing a flyer with a list of recent accomplishments of the Council, inviting residents to attend the next meeting. Pam Bowe volunteered to head a group of three members who were meeting immediately afterwards to brainstorm ideas to attract new members.

RECOLOGY Cleanscapes has merged with Recology and is now called Recology. Ms. Quinn Schweizer , Waste Zero Manager, spoke about the new company which resulted from the merger with Recology. It has opened a new recycling facility in South Seattle which will improve reclaiming recycling amounts from the waste stream. They are again soliciting proposals for their $50,000 grants for community recycling projects. The Seattle Food Waste ordinance was effective 1/1/15, prohibiting food-soiled products in garbage. Starting July 1st there will be fines for putting recycleable materials in residential garbage.

Thornton Creek Fecal Coliform The President distributed handouts showing the concentrations of fecal contaminates in the Meadowbrook area of Thornton Creek. The good news is that SPU actions in both the South and North Branches of Thornton Creek have resulted in finding and fixing (mainly X-connection problems) several sources of the fecal contamination resulting in considerably reduced E. coli concentrations. However, downstream of the confluence of the two branches, E.coli levels were still elevated. Little Brook Ck., a tributary to the North Branch had not been sampled. The ensuing sampling program revealed E. coli concentrations ranging from over 110,000 to nearly 5,000,000 counts per 100mL in Thornton Creek water. The safe level is 125 counts per 100mililiter. Little Brook Ck. was walked and little evidence of major sources, other than more trash and some diapers in the channel, were found. SPU will be challenged to resolve the source(s) of fecal contamination in Little Brook Ck.

Lake City Way Traffic Safety Project An email from the SDOT project leader, Jim Curtain, was distributed. A radar speed sign has been installed on LCW south of 95th. In late March or early April, the intersection of 24th Avenue NE and Lake City Way NE will be reconfigured and improved with better crosswalks and curb bulbs. Later, at 110th and Lake City Way, SDOT will install new sidewalks, a pedestrian refuge, and other improvements.

Sidewalks The three segments on NE 110th i.e 35th to 36th, 39th to 40th and east to Sand Point Way are now 100% funded for design of the improvements and; therefore, chance of funding the construction of the improvements is greatly increased.

Greenways MCC is promoting improvements to the pedestrian crossing at NE 105th Street and 35th Avenue NE, such as flashing lights when pedestrians are in the crosswalk and a warning sign for approaching drivers. MCC is competing against other north end Councils for part of a $180,000 (normally $90,000) in the Neighborhood Parks and Street Fund. NDC will vote for four primary and two alternate proposals (out of 10 total) at their April 1st meeting. Additionally, Several members living in the vicinity of 97th/ 98th 32nd and 95th have reviewed possible nominations for traffic calming, drainage issues, pocket parks, etc. to the Greenways organization.

CRIME Aundie Collison reported crime in our area is currently down versus other north end neighborhoods. Most crime in our area is around 125th.

Community Garden It has had five or six work parties in the last month. Contact the President if you are interested in volunteering.

The minutes of the January 13, 2015 meeting were approved. The meeting was adjourned at 9 pm.
By: Michael Reinhardt, Secretary

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