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MCC Meeting Announcement: November 10th, 7pm

Greetings Meadowbrook Community Council members,

click to download PDF version of this flyer

click to download PDF version of this flyer

First, please remember to Bring Socks to the meeting for distribution by the North Precinct to the homeless.

We will have no featured speaker/presenter at our November MCC meeting. I had Brian Dougherty, Head of Safe Routes to Schools, tentatively scheduled, but he will be out of town. He is however, firmly scheduled himself for our January 12th meeting For our January meeting, Brian has promised 100% design drawings and a construction schedule for the 39/40th sidewalk segment, as well as drawings for the other segments.

District 5 Projects (click for PDF)

District 5 Projects (click for PDF)

As a heads up, for 2016, I would like to focus on getting the ever increasing number of children walking to schools, safely there! I hope to take advantage of the Mayor’s and SDOT’s plan to make use of alternative/asphalt based sidewalks which are purported to provide nearly twice the coverage as conventional sidewalks for the same cost. To facilitate this, I intend to revive the Sidewalk’s Committee and will be asking for a few volunteers. Safer crosswalks will also be sought and traffic calming measures (greenways) will be explored. I plan to work closely with Jane Addams to build on our teaming success in expediting the installation of the crosswalks around the school and I hope to find ways to work with John Rogers as well.

In addition, updates and reports on the following will be discussed:

  1. Lake City Way Safety project: 24th ave design issues
  2. Community Garden and Orchards: current status (harvest pounds to food bank and others), and a neighbor’s complaint
  3. Resubmittal of 105th and 35th crossing improvement proposal at NDC for securing Neighborhood Parks and Street funds
  4. Summary of Park’s Dept. new Superintendent, Jesus Aguirre, status and direction of Parks
  5. Developer’s plans for property on eastside of LCW at 105th
  6. Public Safety: (Aundie Collison)

As usual, an agenda will be provided at the meeting.

Looking forward to your attendance and continued involvement.

Dan Keefe, President, Meadowbrook Community Council

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