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2018 City-Wide Emergency Communication Hub Field Exercise

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Please join the Lake City Hub Team at the 2018 City-Wide Emergency Communication Hub Field Exercise this coming Saturday, April 28, 9-11:30 am at Lake City Fred Meyer in the SE corner of the lower parking. This exercise is a total failure of the Western WA power grid—cause unknown and resolution time not estimated.

Below is a forwarded newsletter from Hub Cap Cindi Barker explaining what is a field exercise (aka, drill) and why we do it. Please note that the new Victory Heights Hub led by Ann Forrest is also activating for the field exercise. The location is in the newsletter.

We really need you to volunteer as a Hub Team member or to act out brief scripts of people

  1. having information to share (for example, The ABC Store on Lake City Way is offering generator power to people needing to charge medical equipment);
  2. needing something (for example, What pharmacies are open to fill my Dad’s insulin prescription?)
  3. offering a resource (for example, I can stay to help with Japanese interpretation).

Those scripts will help us practice meeting local needs and matching them with local resources. Or simply stop by to learn about the Hub and some strategies for emergency preparedness—how-to build an emergency kit, how-to access and purify water, how-to manage sanitation, and how (and when) to control utilities.

On behalf of the Lake City Hub Team, we hope to see you next Saturday morning between 9 and 11:30 am.

Sandy Motzer
Hub Cap and Chair, Lake City Emergency Communication Hub
KI7KYS and Member, Seattle Auxiliary Communications Service

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