Meadowbrook Community Council

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At 7:10pm President Dan Keefe brought the meeting to order. There were 25 attendees at the meeting. No issues were up for a vote.

Meadowbrook Community Council

Meadowbrook Community Council

Mr. Sandy Brown, who is running for City Council from the newly created 5th District, was introduced. He spoke about a new proposed street end to be developed on city land at 135th as well as his petition to have the city use eminent domain to purchase the street end at 130th.

Move Seattle Levy SDOT Director, Scott Kubly, and Andrew Glass-Hastings (Mayor’s Senior Policy Advisor), made a presentation on the Mayor’s proposed MoveSeattle transportation levy and provided handouts summarizing the salient points. Mr. Kubly’s discussion focused on the proposed Seattle growth statistics that supported the need to have a new transportation levy, especially now that the existing Bridging the Gap levy was about to expire. He discussed key submittal time lines and that the levy would be on this November’s ballot. One of the major focuses of the proposed levy is to make the city more walkable and bikeable, which was illustrated by the Mayor’s support for the proposed Northgate Ped/bike Bridge which would cross over I-5 from Northgate to North Seattle College. Funding would come from several sources including the city, state and Federal governments. Support for Light Rail and improving Metro bus service was also discussed. (At this point the Secretary arrived and replaced the President as the meeting secretary.)

In response to a question, Mr. Kubly replied that the levy cost would be $275/year on a $475,000 house. It would provide $150,000,000 in sidewalk improvements, which would be about 150 blocks of new sidewalks on one side of the street.

Sidewalks The President noted that the proposed sidewalk improvements on NE 110th east of 35th Avenue NE were 90% designed. Also, the City has agreed to improve the crosswalk signage at 35th Avenue NE & NE 105th Street.
A representative of the Jane Addams Safety Committee as Mr. Kubly for painted crosswalks on 110th and 115th leading to the school. Another member asked for crosswalk improvements at Ravenna Avenue NE & NE 98th Street. The President noted he was lobbying SDOT for a crosswalk at 35th Avenue NE & NE 98th Street. Mr. Kubly asked for an email summarizing the requested crosswalk painting sites and the President agreed to do so.

Candidate Forum Ms. Bowe spoke about the upcoming May 18th District 5 City Council candidate forum at Jane Addams Middle School, which is being sponsored in part by the Meadowbrook Community Council. The President thanked her for her efforts in helping to organize the forum.

130th Street Light Rail Station Mr. Kubly stated the present plan does not include a light rail station at NE 130th. The plan calls for stations at Northgate, 145th, and 180th however the track will be designed to permit a station to be added in the future. He noted the Mayor supports having a station at 130th and funding for that station could be before the voters in 2016.

Community Garden Vice President Richard Anderson reported that irrigation has been installed in the Garden next to the tennis courts adjacent to Nathan Hale HS. Work parties are usually on Sundays and volunteers can take home part of the produce from the garden. The rest is donated to local food banks.
Undeveloped City Park The President suggested the MCC work to improve the City Park behind the LaVilla Dairy on Fischer Place NE and asked members to contact him with ideas.

There were 31 persons in attendance. The meeting was adjourned at 8:50pm.


At 7:00 pm the President, Dan Keefe, called the meeting to order. There were 10 voting members in attendance.

Meadowbrook Community Council

Meadowbrook Community Council

Election of Officers The President noted the bylaws stated there should be elections of officers at the beginning of the year. He said the present officers consisting of President: Dan Keefe, Vice President: Richard Anderson, Treasurer: Charlene Murray, and Secretary: Michael Reinhardt, were willing to continue to serve. After asking for nominations from the floor and receiving none, the existing board was unanimously reelected.

DUES Treasurer Charlene Murray spoke about raising the Council’s dues. She reported the MCC had just under $1,200 in its bank account at the beginning of the year and currently has about $1,400. One member suggested getting block watch email lists to expand MCC’s outreach. Pam Bowe suggested a targeted mailing to new homebuyers in the area. Another idea was distributing a flyer with a list of recent accomplishments of the Council, inviting residents to attend the next meeting. Pam Bowe volunteered to head a group of three members who were meeting immediately afterwards to brainstorm ideas to attract new members. Continue reading

MCC January 13, 2015 Meeting Minutes


Meadowbrook Community Council

Meadowbrook Community Council

At 7:00 pm the President, Dan Keefe, called the meeting to order. There were at least 15 voting members in attendance and a total of 39 persons. The President noted the bylaws stated there should be elections of officers at the beginning of the year. One option is to reelect the existing board in March. Other nominations are welcome if any members are interested in serving on the Council. MCC meetings are held on the second Tuesday of odd numbered months of the year.
Thornton Creek Confluence Project Jason Sharpley and Emily Reardon of Seattle Public Utilities provided an update of the Project. It involves a new 1 ½ acre floodplain both east and west of 35th, a new wider culvert under 35th, a new bridge & sidewalks, stream restoration, public art, etc. Almost 4,000 plants were planted during the restoration. The remaining paving to restore vehicular traffic on 35th can be completed when there is no rain and daytime temperatures are above 45 degrees. Total project cost was $7.26 million. A member asked if SPU would work with the School District to remove the invasive blackberries on the school property. He replied that is outside SPU’s jurisdiction, but Deb Heiden is the SPU person to contact to work with, to attempt to have the school district remove the blackberries. Several members complimented Mr. Sharply on the project and the audience applauded at the conclusion of his report. Jason’s email is: and he encouraged the public to contact him with questions.

Sidewalks/ Safe Routes to Schools Brian Dougherty of the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) reported two sidewalk segments on NE 110th Street were 60% complete. 39th to 40th is the last section missing a sidewalk. SDOT could not make the project work with a 6 foot sidewalk in its existing location. Instead they will shift the roadway north and on the north side they will bury the ditch in a culvert. There will be a 6 foot concrete sidewalk with a 4-6” concrete curb on the south side of the street. There will be one disabled parking space for disabled parking. Construction will start in 2016.

Two other sidewalk projects (including the section between 35th and 36th) on NE 110th Street are at 10% completion. Another project is to improve the existing asphalt sidewalk from 40th to Sand Point Way on NE 110th. Traffic calming could be included in the future sections if the community was interested in incorporating traffic calming. He offered to have a drop in session at the community center to work on ideas. The President said he would send an email to interested persons. Mr. Dougherty left the meeting and talked outside with interested homeowners to review the proposed sidewalk plans.

Neighborhood Matching Fund Christa Dumpys, the Department of Neighborhoods (DON) coordinator for NE Seattle announced there is a neighborhood matching fund workshop later this month for interested members of the public. The President spoke about the NMF and has application forms to apply for these funds. He mentioned pocket parks could be improved with these grants if neighbors were interested.

City Emergency Hub The lower parking lot at Fred Meyer contains a communication pod for use in the event of a severe earthquake or other disaster.
Meadowbrook Greenways Group Janine Blaeloch (206) 498-6695 of MGG reported the Safe Routes to School funding is being used to create Greenways. Greenways are streets that have traffic calming features. Monica Sweet of Lake City Greenways distributed flyers. 27th Avenue NE from 125th to 145th is a new Greenways which members could view to see an example of a Greenway. Persons interested in creating Greenways in their neighborhood should call Janine or email her at More information is available at
CRIME There were 25 arrests for car theft in the north precinct in the last month. The extensive mail thefts from homeowners’ mailboxes was discussed.

Community Garden/ Orchard The President noted the community garden is going well, as is the orchard. The extra produce is given to local food banks. The VP reported the community garden group was putting in a new tree and shrub nursery on the top of Nathan Hale Hill. In addition, edible trees and shrubs are being planted and they are slowly expanding the plantings east toward 35th, on the north side of NE 105th Street. Every Sunday at 5 pm there is a work party (the time will be changing) if members of the public would like to help.
There were presentations about a number of upcoming meetings on subjects of interest to residents.

The minutes of the September 9, 2014 meeting were approved. The meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm.
By: Michael Reinhardt, Secretary

Meadowbrook Community Council Meeting Minutes 5.13.2014

As a result of the May 13th Meadowbrook Community Council Meeting, we have reorganized the website slightly in order to provide quicker access to important information. Simply click on the links in the orange navbar above.

Public Safety

First, we would like to welcome Elizabeth Scott, the North Precinct’s new Crime Prevention Specialist.

Her bio, as well as helpful crime prevention tips are located in the Public Safety Section of the site.

Projects & Plans

Secondly, we have created a new section devoted to the various Projects & Plans that will be taking place in the Meadowbrook/Greater Lake City neighborhood.

This includes the upcoming 35th Ave NE Closure as well as the 100th Sidewalk Construction Plan.

City/Country/State Resources

Lastly, this new section has links to the various governmental websites as well as the City of Seattle’s Infrastructure Problem Reporting smartphone app.

Meadowbrook Council Meeting Minutes 11.19.2013

MCC Meeting Synopsis (11/14/13):
From: Dan Keefe, President MCC

To preface, I thought this meeting was one of our best of the year. About 25 members attended and we used every minute available to us until they had to ask us to leave.

Deb Heiden, SPU … As requested by Friends of Meadowbrook Pond, she discussed possibility of re-establishing security patrols on a random basis at Meadowbrook Pond … as usual, the lack of budget was cited as why, presently, SPU would be not be putting in patrols. On the other hand, they will try to add Meadowbrook Pond to other already established patrols. There was also a request for 911 call issues, to give the Meadowbrook Pond a more exact address. It will be looked into.

Thornton Creek Confluence Project Report
Thornton Creek Confluence project
Presentation by Jason Sharpley, PM, SPU: Construction will most likely start in June 2014 and end late Sept/early Oct.
Major changes/impacts include:

  1. Closing of 35th st between NE 110th and 105th for project duration to allow construction of a large box culvert and bridge over South Fork. Thornton Creek. Bus rerouting and any schedule changes will be put on both SPU’s and Metro’s websites.
  2. Removal of all the poplar trees along creek from 35th NE back to the 1st pedestrian bridge across creek, in order to create a meander in this stretch of the stream to compliment the meanders they plan to create downstream of the new bridge and before the confluence with the North Fork.
  3. Downstream of the confluence, the channel will be modified slightly with the addition of more spawning gravels to enhance that which has occurred there historically.
  4. A total of 108 trees and shrubs will be removed, but will be replaced by 600 trees (mostly conifers) and 1000 shrubs (mostly natives).
  5. The existing Cul de Sac on 36th NE will be removed and a replaced by a new turn around 40-50 ft?? farther up the road. A new access path will be built just to the east of the Cul de Sac for both maintenance vehicles and pedestrians.
  6. Some artist work will be added as well by Mr John Fleming.

As usual, check out SPU’s website for other details or to ask specific questions.

46th Dist. Rep. Jessyn Farrell… We had about an hour of spirited and civil discussion about reduced Metro services (about 17%), the need for more school space to accommodate the rapidly increasing K-12 school ages children in the Meadowbrook area. She, Rep. Pollet and Sen. Frockt are exploring a way to get the legislature to designate King Cty as a self-taxing entity so the City can possibly tax itself to make up for the shortfall.

Conservative opposition is driving hard bargain over approving, holding hostage certain environmental programs and others. Regarding the ACA and Washington’s healthcare exchange, thousands of Washington residents have been signed up so far. Another website,, was suggested as another way to sign up.

MagnusonParkUpdate-HotSpots-Building 27  Nov 2013_thumb
Our Community Outreach Chair, Pam Bowe gave an update on several topics.

  • The contaminated soil removal at Magnuson Park continues and a report is available here.
  • The 110th street sidewalk project has been moving forward with Brian Dougherty of SDOT as project manager. Funding for this project comes from revenue generated by new photo traffic enforcement fines. Design to commence in early 2014.
  • Additional improvements are coming to the intersection of Lake City Way and NE 110th Street also in 2014.


December 7th, 2013 is the Meadowbrook Pond Annual Luminaria Walk.

Happy Thanksgiving Meadowbrook!